Previous projects

We provide many different services to companies of all sizes. Here's a selection of our projects and experiences. Why not make your project our next challenge?

    • Rather cool brochure site

      A beautifully designed, interactive site, with subtle javascript effects that degrade gracefully. Responsive, expressive and a little bit nutty. Something that captures the imagination and grows with the company.

      At least, that's what we aimed for with this website. You be the judge. This is the baseline for all our work - software that achieves your goals and expresses your core values.

    • Mobile sports application backend

      Part of a team building a backend for a large real-time mobile sports application. Provided contract development to an agency tasked with improving and extending a high-availability, fault tolerant JSON API. Some of the challenges included a restrictive 3rd party build process and architecture, no access to error reports or debugging information, as well as the usual challenges of maintaining extreme performance while keeping the codebase supple and maintainable.

    • Innovative solutions in finance

      Full-stack development as part of a team building high-profile bitcoin and crowd-funding investment platforms. Integration with 3rd party APIs for international financial transfers and bitcoin development. Some of the challenges include ensuring that the systems conform to regulatory standards, balancing security and anonymity, and implementing solutions that are inherently auditable.

    • Easy to use document builder

      Built a solution for generating funeral orders of service, among other documents marking important life events. The system is both extensible and robust, delivering a highly polished user experience that anyone, even those with limited computing experience, can use. Balancing powerful editing capabilities while ensuring that the finished document expresses personality, tastefully.

      Behind the scenes, we've designed tools to allow the printing team to modify and improve the documents to the users exacting requirements, track orders, manage user engagement, and built a PDF and PNG generator that is fast and reliable.

    • Sheep skin iPads

      What do you get if you cross a Raspberry Pi, some sound effects (including Twiki from Buck Rogers and a snippet of a rather famous Rick Astley song,) four switches and some painted papier maché?

      Well, it should have been a fully-featured setup for an amateur tech-themed production of the TV show QI. Unfortunately, venue WiFi being what it is, we weren't able to show off some of the fancier features we had planned - however we built it with modularity in mind, so that even with half the features missing, the show could still go on.

      Intrigued? Feel free to watch the result on YouTube.

    • Other skills available - just ask!

      This is just a small selection of some of our more recent projects. We are active in many communities and often take on contractors for expertise outside our skill-set. So if you need it, chances are, we can supply it.